Friday, December 9, 2011

On a lighter note to end my night, a short story of complete nonsense that only the especially gifted will understand!

You had mentioned seeing the Spicy Pickle before. Then, what's this? He came up to you and asked for directions to...spicy pickles! At first, Spicy Pickle was Cajun hot! Come to find out, he was just a dressed up cucumber. You've sworn off pickles ever since.

When you first mentioned Tampon, my mind shuffled through the memory vault and came up lacking. This was a new development. At least to me it was. He was sweet, caring and everything a good Tampon should be. Then he transformed into a cling on! Trust me, it was wise to flush that Tampon!

'The Works'. With a moniker such as this, how could one go wrong? It seemed he had it all...he had 'The Works'! Next time, remember he was originally used to clean toilets and everyone used him at some point. 'The Works' suddenly didn't sound so good. Perhaps, we should try 'Kaboom!' next time, huh?

Which brings us to Horse Chestnut. Ah yes, the majestic Horse Chestnut. Tall and hearty with solid branches, good for tire swings. Unlike the tree he is named for, Horse Chestnut doesn't tend to drop his nuts on your head at inopportune times. That's a good thing! LIKE his namesake, Horse Chestnut should always stand tall and preferably quiet. It sometimes makes me wonder about the educational system in these parts when he speaks. Yes, Horse Chestnut, both tree and man, should forever remain silent! But tall and hearty he is...Horse Chestnut.